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Traffic and Leads Training Academy™  is...

My first Full-Blown Traffic-Getting and List-Building training program in 4 years so there will be plenty of pent-up demand for it,  and it will be my most comprehensive training program, ever.

Inside Traffic and Leads Training Academy I'll be revealing traffic-getting strategies and tactics that I have never, ever taught in any of my training programs...

Plus I'll also teach students how to turn all of their new traffic into red-hot leads and "ready to buy" customers for their business...

The name says it all… "Traffic and Leads Training Academy™"!


- Here's What They Get -

1.  Live Training Program with weekly live training webinars for the first 6 weeks plus ongoing updates after that.

2.  Private Membership Site where they'll be able to access the content 24 hours a day, as well as download it for future offline reference.

3.  Private "Expert Support" Forums that are actively supported by my team of experts (the guys that do this stuff for me every day) so your referrals will have plenty of one-on-one help when they need it.

4. Several extremely valuable bonuses.

- Here's What's In It For You  -

Commissions -

40% for each payment made (that's up to $1,198.80 in commission per sale for you... plus potential back-end commissions as well).

- Refund Period -

Refund Period is 30 days with our  "No Hassles, No Questions Asked" 30 Day M.B.G.

- Affiliate Cookies -

Your Cookies don't expire for at least three months, if not longer…
(We have Affiliates that are still earning commissions years after they originally promoted a product for me).

Plus your cookies for Traffic and Leads Training Academy™   also count towards Tube Traffic Secrets 2.0 and other future products that don't even exist yet.

That means there's even more commission earning potential for each lead you send, and every cookie you set starting right this very minute!

Affiliates like Jeff Walker, Eben Pagan, Ryan Deiss, Brendon Burchard, GKIC Dan Kennedy, Don Crowther, Andy Jenkins, Mike Filsaime and others are still earning commissions months, even years after they promote.

That's because we hard-code your Affiliate ID into the contact record for any leads you send us, and your cookies last for at least six months, if not longer...

So if your leads convert into sales months down the road you can still get paid.

Plus your cookies and leads may also count towards other products, not just Traffic and Leads Training Academy™.

So it's possible to earn commissions up to $2,000.00  on the back-end plus 40%  per sale today.
Here’s how to apply:

Simply fill out the form below and hit the “click here to join” button.

Here’s what to do after that:

Immediately check your inbox or spam folders for an email from us and make sure you add our Affiliate email address to your “approved senders” list.

In the meantime... if you have any questions about our Affiliate Program  Contact our Affiliate Support Team and they’ll get right back to you.

I look forward to making some serious money together!

Jeff Johnson


I've been the absolute #1 top Affiliate for guys like Brendon Burchard, Eben Pagan, Fran Kern, Jeff Walker, Mike Filsaime, Ryan Deiss, Jeff Dedrick, Tim Godfrey and Steve Clayton, Jason Potash and dozens of others.
I've sold Millions of dollars of their products as an Affiliate.

In fact, I've been able to sell almost a Million Dollars of product in a single launch as an affiliate on multiple occasions.

So if you have a product and you need someone to promote it then I am definitely someone you should get to know.

A great way to get my attention and have me promote your products is to apply to my Affiliate Program below and start promoting  Traffic and Leads Training Academy™   today!

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* Bonus Terms: I, Jeff Johnson, am the only one who decides who gets a Bonus, if any, and what that Bonus will be. I reserve the right to modify my Bonus offer in any way, shape or form including cancelling it if necessary. Affiliate is responsible for any taxes due and must submit all necessary tax forms to P.R.M. LLC in a timely fashion or Bonus will be forfeited. I reserve the right to award the “approximate retail value” cash equivalent (in U.S. dollars via paypal) in lieu of any of the bonus items themselves.








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